Research projects

Research projects conducted in the laboratory NeoLek,  aim to develop a new strategy for anti-cancer therapy.  They are one of the stages  before the introduction of a potential drug for clinical trials. Currently, our leading topics of the laboratory are :


1) The study of  anticancer and/or anti-metastasis activity (both in a single therapy or in combination with  chemotherapy) of:

  • new analogues of vitamin D3,
    New  concepts in chemotherapy are moving in the direction of combining with other modulators of different signaling pathways in the cell. Examples are cell cycle inhibitors - analogues of calcitriol (hormonally active  form of vitamin D3), which  show anticancer activity  in vitro and in vivo , both individually and  in  combination with tyrosine kinase inhibitors and anticancer agents. Our  study showed that the two  selected analogs of calcitriol  in  combination  with cisplatin, 5-fluorouracil,  preferably interact with anastrozole in inhibiting of tumor growth.   However, the effects of  these compounds are likely to proceed through  different molecular mechanisms.
  • genistein and its new analogues,
    In  the earlier studies, we have shown  that genistein analogues and comlexes of  polisaccharides  having antitumor  activity, both in vitro and in vivo, in  different ways affect  the apoptosis of cancer cells. We are currently  investigating the impact of  these compounds on the process of autophagy .
  • lysis of gram-negative bacteria
    Our  studies have shown that preparations of bacteriophage T4  (bacterial lysates containing bacteriophages) have the ability to inhibit experimental metastasis of melanoma B16 and the slow growth of primary tumors of this tumor. As part of the development project  financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, we are looking  for  the active component responsible for  this effect.
  • Compounds acting on endothelium
    „Vascular endothelium in diseases of civilization:  the cognitive testing to offer an innovative drug with endothelial action” is the theme of the project co-funded by  the European Regional Development Fund. The project will conduct research on the therapeutic efficacy of compounds in models of endothelial action of tumor metastasis. In subsequent  experiments, we will focus on anti-metastasis effect of combined treatment  compounds with known action of endothelial cytotoxic compounds or antiplatelet action.


2) The use of siRNA strategies in targeted cancer therapy

Using the phenomenon of RNA interference  (selective silencing of gene expression by short double-stranded RNA), raising hopes for the development of anticancer therapy in which a drug will act selectively on cancer cells and not induced  (or will be delayed emergence) drug resistance. The aim of our research is to silence the expression of integrin beta 3, which plays a key role in metastasis of many cancers, including melanomas and the use of siRNA as a factor inhibiting the expression of drug resistance proteins.


3) The search for new carriers for siRNA

Essential, from the viewpoint  the development of new cancer therapies based on siRNA, is the problem of delivering them to cancer cells.  Our research is geared towards the development of an efficient carrier for siRNA, thus opening the possibility of widespread use of siRNA for therapeutic oncology.


4) Valuation of the impact of cell vaccines (based on the tumor cells or dendritic)  cell cytolytic activity in mice burdened with colorectal cancer MC38.
The aim of this project is to develop  a scheme of genetically modified cancer or dendritic cells in the form of stand-alone or as adjuvant vaccine, adjuvant cytoreductive effects of conventional therapeutics. Founded by our therapeutic strategy based on cell vaccines, will contain renewal and / or modulate the body’s immune response.


5) We have wide experience in research on drug-carrier systems. We have  developed several methods which allow the synthesis of  drug-macromolecule conjugates. The conjugates obtained  in our laboratory are highly effective anti-tumor efficacy in excess of the free drug. Work  on innovative methods of modification of macromolecules has led to the development of high-temperature modification methods, allowing you to create sugar conjugates of protein antigens without losing their biological activity.


  • Selective drug transport to  places of destination,
  • A change  in physical, chemical, biological properties and  pharmacodynamics  of new forms of drugs translates not only to activity towards the tumor cells  but also  towards tumor microenvironment.


The use of high reaction for the synthesis of drug-macromolecule conjugates.
We synthesize and  study the properties of conjugates  such as:

  • small molecule – protein
  • small molecule – macromolecule (natural and synthetic polymers)
  • protein – macromolecule (natural and synthetic polymers)


6) The profile of tests performed in our laboratory are also issues related to the physical chemistry of bacteriophages.
Bacteriophages can be an alternative in the treatment of bacterial infections. We develop methods of treatment including removal of pirogens and standardization of preparations of bacteriophage  (international patent).


  • Development of innovative treatment technologies,  including the removal of pirogens, bactreriophage preparations.
  • Standardization of phage preparations.
  • Development of substrates for propagation of bacteriophages (phage cultures on defined media are easier to analyse and  they will be applicable for pharmaceutical industry)
  • Receiving preparations of high virus titer.
  • Stabilization of phage preparations constancy.

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